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It is our hope to utilize the principles of social entrepreneurship and good stewardship in order to build a solid and sustainable organization, and to contribute meaningfully to those in need.


It starts with understanding that clothing can be so much more than a basic necessity. It provides freedom, independence, beauty, expression. For some, it starkly changes how they feel about themselves. For others, it creates opportunities for education or jobs. Something as simple as a brand-new dress can lift someone up from a place of hurt or desperation, and help her feel beautiful and valuable again.


With all that said, there can be unintended consequences for the temporary solution of donating new clothes – especially in developing countries. While we may donate LLR clothing locally, we ask our international partners to prayerfully consider how a donation can creatively help, not hurt, that local community. We don’t want to develop a culture of dependency, or hurt local economy or jobs. Instead, we are looking to partner with locals who want to develop relationships, provide training, improve education and jobs, and care for those who have the greatest need for clothing, food, health, and other basic necessities. We want to be a part of transforming people and communities, and yes, we can even do that through giving clothes.


Ultimately, we want to share our love of beautiful things: dresses, skirts, leggings, and all the beautiful choices we have in our wardrobes at home. Although we ask ourselves every day (or multiple times each day), “Which clothes should we wear now?” we realize that many people around the world are rather asking the question, “What do we have to wear?” and we want to be a part of that solution. We want this to be about simply sharing our beautiful things with others.