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Who is behind DressWell GiveWell?

Our names are Josh & Sarah. Yes, we are real people - with four loud kids, crazy schedules, a perpetually full house, and a gray mini-van. We choose to mainly stay anonymous because we don't want this company to be about us. BUT we are passionate about giving, hospitality, being intentional, and serving others. Friends generally come over for the overabundance of food, the swimming pool, and the 30 foot swing in our front yard. But ultimately, we hope they stay because they feel loved and feel a sense of authenticity... as an extension of our family.


How do you choose partnerships?

Prayerfully, carefully. We understand that we are held accountable by our customers, and we want to build trust with you. We want our giving to be as far-reaching and significant as possible. We start with conversations with non-profit organizations, consider financials, set goals, and decide how giving to a particular group will further our mission and the message. We want to care deeply and holistically for individuals in need.


Can I suggest a worthy non-profit to consider for partnership?

Sure! Send us an email:


Why LuLaRoe?

OK, must admit. Sarah fell in love with the clothes, first. Then, after a LOT of research, sleepless nights, tough conversations, & prayer, we felt that the company values aligned with ours, and the idea of starting a company as a vehicle for giving was born.  LuLaRoe provides a convenient platform for jumping in with both feet, a lot of autonomy, and a lot of back-office support. This way, we can focus our efforts on the things we care most about.


How come I can't place an order?

LuLaRoe exclusively designs it's own fabrics and pieces, and they are ALL limited editions. One a piece is sold, it's gone. So, unlike other retail stores, you may not have the opportunity to buy the exact size and print that you want. The great thing about it, is that what you receive is UNIQUE, and you may be the only one in your whole state that is wearing that particular dress.


How come I can't purchase directly from this website?

LuLaRoe policy and procedures require that its consultants sell only on Facebook (or similar social media platforms), and not on e-commerce sites, such as personal websites, Ebay, or Craigslist. Those are big no-no's. 


Will DressWell GiveWell sell other products?

At this time, no. But there are multiple conversations in the works, so stay tuned.


I know a fashion company that fits the DressWell GiveWell profile. Can I suggest their products to pair with LuLaRoe?

Sure! Send us an email:


Do you fundraise for other causes?

If a cause or community aligns with our vision, then yes, let's talk. Although there are many worthy causes for giving, and we would love to contribute to them all, we will remain consistent in our mission to give clothes, beauty, & dignity. Keep in mind that we take each contribution very seriously. We want our customers to trust whom we partner with, so we intend to perform due diligence in our mission to give well.


I like your mission. Can I get involved? 

Why, I thought you'd never ask! We can't do this without you. Click on the GET INVOLVED link below.