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Giving 100%

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1SHOP You buy an item from our shop.

2DONATE We commit to giving 100% of profits to our nonprofit partners, either in the form of clothing, or financial aid to cover the cost of sourcing clothing for that community.

3PARTNER We all get to participate, both locally and globally, with nonprofit organizations in practicing generosity for the good of others. Carefully selected, these partners are on the ground, providing ongoing and holistic (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual) care for a special group of recipients.


We donate 100% of profits to organizations that help those in need. What does that mean?

Every purchase contributes to the growth of DressWell GiveWell, and in turn, it is our hope to generate a sustainable profit for giving. We want our giving to not only be beneficial, but also as long-lasting and far-reaching as possible. We want organizations to be able to count on us.


We also want to be transparent with our customers and our partners. So we want you to know that giving 100% means that we commit to give everything we make after expenses or operating costs (reinvesting in stock, marketing, ancillary costs). Thankfully, with the support of LuLaRoe, operating costs are much, much less than starting a typical business from scratch! Hopefully that means we can donate much, much more.