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Get Involved


Tell your friends, spread the word!

  • Are you on social media? Share what we're doing. Facebook, Instagram, Website, Blog, Newsletter... you name it. 
  • When we offer giveaways, get involved! Tag friends, forward promotions, introduce the clothes (it's still new to many people).
  • Talk about it. Bring issues to light. Share our mission.

Shop & Give

  • Look out for sales, and be there! Know that you're giving to a good cause.
  • When you find something you love, WEAR IT. When you get compliments (and you will...), tell them where you bought it, and why it's a great place to shop.
  • The more we sell, the more we GIVE.

Host a fundraiser

  • Every party is essentially a fundraiser. Isn't that awesome??
  • Let's have some wine & mingling! Book a date with us, and host a pop-up boutique in your home. Invite your friends & expand our reach. 
  • Wanna stay in your PJ's? Book an online pop-up for your friends on Facebook and earn free clothes! 
  • Learn more about hosting a party HERE.

Learn about our partners & get to know them

  • THIS is where it gets exciting. When we post about our partnerships, click on their links, learn more about them, ask lots of questions.
  • Partnership with non-profits requires some structure and planning... and a lot of discernment. We value your feedback, and invite you to enter the conversation on where to give well.

Come work for clothes!

  • Seriously, Yes. Are you local? Come help organize, package, & ship! (Or just come have a coffee on us and cheer us on.)
  • We believe it takes a village... to make a difference. Let's see what gets accomplished when people come together with a common goal and purpose, and do something amazing outside of ourselves. Giving generously is our mantra, and we hope it rubs off on you, too.