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Sarah Tao


This business can be a crazy ride sometimes. Unpredictability, changing styles and seasons, new customers every week, and i mean... who knows what's coming in the next box, right!?

But time and time again, I'm reminded that this is not about the work of my own hands - it's not based on my ability or my marketing skills, or how i look as the next dress model (thank God!!). But rather, there's an growing undercurrent of people who want to give, and DressWell GiveWell continues to steadily bless others, month after month, and in increasing amounts. I'm totally blown away.

This past month, we hit a 10K mark of giving in fundraising dollars. That's NOT part of the checks that go out monthly to various organizations. This is in ADDITION to, and it's just the cherry on top. It's been slowly accumulating after months and months of adding up little dollars - because we believe that every little bit counts. I wanted to give a belated shoutout to Cynthia Coffman - a dear friend, who has volunteered countless hours over the past year+ to meticulously tally, submit paperwork, meet bi-weekly deadlines (it was frustrating at times, and not always easy!). She believed in the cause, in setting high goals, in making the most of what we're given, and in following through. Cynthia, without you, these organizations simply would not have received over 10K in extra funding, so thank you for serving so well! And even though you've moved on (to another area of work/service), and you may never know the full impact of your time & diligence... Thank you for believing in me, and being someone I could count on, truly!

So, we continue to climb, and give more together! THANK YOU to all of you who shop with me, whether you're brand new or you've been a steady, loyal customer around here - You ALL have been the heartbeat of this business, and I'm so encouraged by this wonderful community. November has just begun, it's high retail season. Life is busier than ever, and running a business continues to have its crazy challenges!

But, oh how I love to set goals... and then watch what happens. Only a few weeks until the end of 2018, let's do this!