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This defines TEAMWORK

Sarah Tao

Did you know we have a group of loyal friends who have rallied behind us for months now? Countless conversations, critical thinking, brainstorming, praying together, PARTNERING. 

Yes, yes, and yes. So good to know we have a whole gang of amazing people behind us on this one. You know who you are! We are SO grateful for you.

July 18, 2016. We consider this our official "launch" of the business. We didn't make a dime, but that wasn't our objective. Our older kids were giddy with excitement to participate. We snacked on wine & cheese. We gathered to share our vision, tell stories of how we got to this point, spend some quality time in prayer, and use our hands & feet to start this journey...   together.

DressWell GiveWell - Launch, 2016.